This future forward bubble tea shop uses lighting to draw you in

This future forward bubble tea shop uses lighting to draw you in

This Scarborough bubble tea shop is located at the inner corner of an L-shaped plaza with the challenge of limited exposure to the public. The designer's aim was to redefine the space with an eye-catching feature with an industrial feel which would also highlight the store location. An elaborate mirror and lighting combination was incorporated in the design to catch the gaze of people in the plaza, drawing them into a hidden scenery beyond.

Interior Designer: Angxuan Sun, ARIDO

Design Firm: Atelier Sun

Photographer: Alex Xu

Based on the requirements and the challenges, the design concept creates a unique design feature that not only stands out from the industrial scheme background, but also creates a memorable scenery for the store.

A view of the entire restaurant interior with the vertical LED lights hanging above

Two simple materials are applied to the entire store to achieve an industrial feel. First, a dark charcoal colour was applied to the volume of the open ceiling and surrounding walls. Secondly, a rough barn wood panelling lines the floor and bubble tea bar. 

To accomplish an unique visual impact, a series of custom-made long LED light tubes were designed to hang from the ceiling at different heights. The light cluster stands out from the dark background to establish a futuristic feel in the space. 

Black circle against white wall detail close up

The LED light tubes can transform the entire space as they are designed to dim, blink, and change colours based on seasonal mood and special events. 

A large wall-length mirror lining the back reflects the spectacle of the feature lighting outside of the store, drawing people in.

Angxuan Sun, ARIDO

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