A Most Stylish First Impression in This Modern Condo Foyer

A Most Stylish First Impression in This Modern Condo Foyer

Being the first meeting point with the interior of any home, the front foyer should aim to be welcoming and inviting and be able to create the most perfect first impression. This beautifully custom made catch-all cabinet ledge does just that, and in style!

Interior Designer(s): Adriana Mot, ARIDO

Design Firm: Dochia interior design

Design Team: Ozgur Oguducu, Intern, ARIDO

Photographer: Peter Sellar

The main objective of the designer behind this wonderful custom piece was to provide a decorative as well as functional solution for the front foyer by designing a piece of furniture  that takes up no floor space and seamlessly integrates into the modern design aesthetic of the overall design, while providing the necessary storage.

Side view of the catch-all unit shows the angled edge of the marble top. There is a decorative gold mesh bowl on the stone top and two modern wall sconces above the unit.

The result is a piece that has three parts, each carefully crafted to form a beautiful and functional object, destined for the place it’s taken in this newly renovated condominium. By floating the stone, the designer created a shelf for storing mail out of sight. The separate drawers allow for designating some for guests and some for homeowners.

Close up of the custom floating unit with the marble top and blonde wood drawers.

Hanging on textured wallcovering, the catch-all cabinet has a sculptural shape. The angle of the marble top gives it a slimmer profile making the stone appear weightless. The effect is further enhanced by the stainless steel standoffs that create a shelf for the mail. The drawers are covered in blonde wood, divided into three with centered decorative chrome pulls. The design intent is a functional art piece the client is able to enjoy for years to come. 

Modern front foyer with light colored walls and floors and the floating unit.

The designer had to think in terms of longevity of use and fully understand the client’s wants and needs and their aesthetic while gently pushing the boundaries in order to create an original and creative design solution. This piece has been designed for a family that is looking to age in this home. Should the need arise for accessibility constraints, the floating element will accommodate easy access in a wheelchair. 

Adriana Mot

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