ARIDO Brand & Style Guide

  • Published on: Dec 13, 2021

ARIDO’s Updated Brand Standards

The Provincial Advocacy Committee has also worked to refine the ARIDO brand identity and bring the established identity forward to remain relevant and attractive in 2022 and beyond.

The ARIDO logo was refreshed to remain consistent and recognizable with the existing branding, and but updated so the “ARIDO” text within the rectangle element is more readable, and the “Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario” text is more open and legible when it is used in a smaller format.

Image of refreshed ARIDO logo

The logos in multiple colours have been retired as has the “Make Space for Good Design” campaign.

The ARIDO Registered Logo has been refreshed as well with the updated text and member year. It will now be offered in black and white formats only to ensure the usage by Registered members is consistent.

Registered members can find this new logo in the Membership Gateway when you renew, as well as the brand standards for its usage.

ARIDO member logo info

ARIDO Chapters

The ARIDO Chapters logos have also been refreshed in keeping with these updates.