Impact Award Winner: DS-09 Subway Station Design Standard

Impact Award Winner: DS-09 Subway Station Design Standard

The DS-09 Subway Design Standard designed for the Metrolinx Ontario Line was purposely built on a future forward mindset, starting from the development of the Customer Journey Map which distilled the various journey stages, challenges encountered, and human emotions identified at each point along a customer’s journey.  


Interior Designer: Greg Parsons, ARIDO
Design Firm: DEXD (Danaie Experience Design Inc.)

The standard was designed so the customer experience is seamless, intuitive, inclusive, safe, thoughtful, and reliable throughout. The human-centric approach considers many touchpoints such as payment experience, transferring, navigation, platform boarding and disembarking, as well as spatial adjacencies and sensory aspects such as noise, smells, and sight lines which may impact the quality of a customer’s experience.  

Variable design elements include feature walls and ceilings and are strategically introduced to provide differentiation across stations and become regional focal points. These elements can promote placemaking and express a community’s unique identity. 

The implementation of Platform Edge Doors will significantly enhance the customer experience while ensuring customer safety.  Used to separate the platform from the tracks, the framed glass wall partition system can improve passenger safety in multiple ways: preventing accidents from people or objects falling on tracks, as well as improving air quality, and climate control within stations.   

The implementation of the Standard will have a profound positive effect on local residents and customers, connecting communities across Toronto and the GTA and deliver more accessible, equitable, and inclusive transit. 

Project Details:

Project Location: Greater Toronto Area, ON

Greg Parsons

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