ARIDO releases DIV.e.IN Survey Insights Report and the Chandy Principle™, Phase One Report

  • Published on: Oct 04, 2021

Earlier this year, ARIDO hired Matrix360, a third-party talent management and workplace strategy organization to lead the Association and the Equity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Advancement Committee (EDAA) committee with our work. This work included diversity training, a survey that engaged the ARIDO membership, and an initial recommendations report identifying a roadmap for ARIDO’s next steps.

ARIDO is pleased to share with the membership the results of the DIV.e.IN Survey Insights Report and the Chandy Principle™, Phase One Report.

The Matrix DIV.e.IN™ Survey Insights Report

The Matrix DIV.e.IN ™ survey system is designed to provide an effective overview of member demographics, perspectives and attitudes, and a comparative analysis of key factors that are connected to diversity, equity, and accessibility. The survey measures all aspects of the organization that includes valuable intelligence for blind spots, hidden gaps, and growth opportunities that directly impact members and the organization.

The Matrix DIV.e.IN™ survey was sent to all 2,753 ARIDO members in spring 2021. That participation rate for the survey was 35%. The data collected is reflective of the overall membership and ARIDO recognizes the need to consistently collect, measure and report on an annual basis.

For ARIDO, the data reveals an association where a strong majority of members are highly committed to diversity, however, are unsure if ARIDO’s business framework and foundation is currently diverse and equitable. The vast majority of members believe that in interactions with the association and events they can expect to feel safe, and where a large majority of members have not experienced any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or stereotypes. The overall framework of ARIDO seems to reveal a progressive, committed, and multigenerational membership that acknowledges there is room for improvement for access to opportunities for diverse equity-seeking groups.

Champions of Diversity and Equity

We encourage members to review the full report. Pages 8 to 13 of the report contain highlights of the examination and categorized in the following areas:

  • Demographic Overview
  • Diverse Representation
  • Perspectives for Advocacy and Communications
  • Perspectives for Initiatives and Events
  • Perspectives Related to Workplaces in the Industry

The Chandy Principle™, Phase One Report

This report was developed following the results of the DIV.e.IN Survey, organization-wide sensitivity training, and through ongoing discussions between Matrix360 and ARIDO representatives. The report identifies a strategy roadmap for the association which outlines categories of actions. The ARIDO leadership, Equity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Advancement Committee, and ARIDO Board of Management will all be involved in the action plan to lead ARIDO through next steps.

Image with the cover of the Chandy Principle Report

Next Steps

Next steps within the action plan will commence in fall 2021 and continue for a 36-month period. As ARIDO begins this work with Matrix360, it will report back to the membership on the progress of this work.

We encourage members to read these reports and provide any feedback directly to ARIDO leadership via Sharon Portelli, Executive Director and Registrar at