Modern design for this forward-thinking law firm

Modern design for this forward-thinking law firm

As a law firm focused on intellectual property and technology law, Smart & Biggar wished to host their clients in a modern, open environment.

Interior Designer: Joanne Chan, ARIDO

Design Team: Glenn Cheng, ARIDO; Bruce Freeman, ARIDO No?

Design Firm: SDI Interior Design

Photographer: Steve Tsai

The "front of house" area was designed to flow into a generous reception area seamlessly integrating with a cafe space that is shared by both staff and visitors. This design invites clients into a space that is far less formal than a traditional law firm boardroom and lets natural light well into the reception area. Several spacious meeting spaces are also accessed from reception and the waiting area can accommodate multiple groups, in a casual, lounge-like atmosphere.

As a law firm, Smart & Biggar is immersed in developing social issues and the anticipation of future trends. Their current work rests upon a century of history and demands innovation coupled with a historical perspective. This emphasis on past and future, informs the design of their Toronto space.

When Smart & Biggar was founded, Canada was largely untouched by the development of the industrial revolution. The trees, rocks, and landscapes of the country became markers that inspired the design for this project. A repeated birch tree motif on glass wall panels adds texture and an element of nature, which continues with recurring wood elements throughout the space in flooring, wall panels, tables, and lighting.

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