BID Projects 2021: Ryerson University

BID Projects 2021: Ryerson University

ARIDO would like to celebrate the class of 2021 from Ontario ARIDO-recognized schools and ensure their work is appreciated. ARIDO has worked with these schools to promote a selection of 4th year BID student work on BLOG//ARIDO and will be posting the work each Wednesday during the coming weeks.

Daniela Bautista

Using the KUKA 150 industrial robotic arm and custom end of arm tooling, this project is about the exploration of 3D printing on the same plane and letting the extrusion material fall onto a constructed substrate. The final interior object created will consist of a light fixture. The exploration will be done through the study of intersecting linear and radial grids that inform each other. The linear grid will inform the rectilinear volume of the substrate that the extrusion PLA material will fall onto, and the radial grid will inform the extrusion path of the robot.

Dayan Afshari

This exhibit is inspired by the concept and articulation of labyrinthian design. This space serves to showcase the eclectic and lively collections created by Gianni Versace throughout the years,  whilst encapsulating  users within a six planed labyrinth dimension. The illusionary element of reflection is used in order to strip visitors away from their understanding of way finding, and further away from their preconceived notions of gallery etiquette.

Diane Rodrigues

High Park’s Community Support Centre is a place for Torontonians of all backgrounds to enjoy and interact, forging social connections and relationships while decreasing loneliness among those who feel isolated. By providing resources that facilitate the process of integration into society, this proposal fosters a change in emphasis in social policy towards the integration rather than the separation of immigration communities. The program supports unplanned activities along with literacy night classes for new immigrants and parent-child reading interventions that assist in closing the gap in performance of children from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Jessica Tam

Dream derived from the art movement of Surrealism and Metaphysical Paintings. Dream draws from the unconsciousness, the world of dreams, desires and imagination. By using lighting, juxtaposition, linear perspectives, dislocation, transformation, and symbolic objects, a space of reflection, relaxation and interpretation was created. Dream island is intimate and freeing in such capturing the essence of one's mind and soul.

Laura Trinchini

This proposed Wellness Centre imparts the concept of healing to any individual in need. In close proximity to some of Toronto's top hospitals, and frontline workers of the Covid-19 pandemic, 826 Yonge Street's program is divided across four floors that contribute to the cleansing of one's mind, body, and soul. Through actions such as light + art therapy, yoga, and meditation, patrons are guided through a natural setting; lending the definition of 'centric', to the introspective nature of meditation. Complete with circular motifs, the journey across each floor is the anchor of the design concept; creating a lasting experience of connectivity across all measures of sacred action and healing.


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