BID Projects 2021: Sheridan College

BID Projects 2021: Sheridan College

ARIDO would like to celebrate the class of 2021 from Ontario ARIDO-recognized schools and ensure their work is appreciated. ARIDO has worked with these schools to promote a selection of 4th year BID student work on BLOG//ARIDO and will be posting the work each Wednesday during the coming weeks.

Pakistani Canadian Cultural Centre - Anosha Tariq

The Pakistani Canadian Cultural Centre is a proposed design for a cultural community centre for immigrants. The concept explores the different layers of how this facility can foster connection. The first layer is the connection of people with each other, the second is people with the culture, and another is people with learning new skills. 

The floor plan is divided to include two distinct zones, one to learn and the other to be social. The facility is equipped with a hustling social area, home to the main gathering hall, social café, lounges as well as a gallery. The learning zone contains flexible classroom spaces, library, computer lab, seating area, a language, and job counselling office. Accessibility is addressed with a wayfinding kiosk while a mindful/prayer room accommodates religious needs.

The Nest Centre – Brian Khair

Music therapy is an often overlooked treatment method for stress-related illnesses in all generations, especially youth. The goals of the space is to encourage youth to utilize therapy for treatment, offer professionally-developed and personalized therapeutic treatment methods to comply with each patient’s musical preference, and provide a comfortable and trusting environment for patients.

“Farm-Cycle” Sustainable Learning and Experience Center for Children - Chris Lee

The design intent is to create a biophilic space that maximizes children’s curiosity in an educational environment which blends nature with cutting-edge technology.

The centre offers special programs for children with diverse learning styles. It will also maintain strong links to local communities through the farmers market and bicycle service bars. Two major in-depth workshops, vertical farming and worm farming, will support the farmers market with fresh organic products. To encourage the use of bicycles, ‘farm cash’ will be accumulated for cyclists.

Aloe Vera Care - Dementia Care Community - Joseph Anthony Fraschini

Aloe Vera Care is a community for individuals living with dementia providing patients with programs, services, events, and daily activities.  Aloe Vera Care also hosts classes and workshops to teach staff and family members techniques on caring for individuals with dementia, to preserve their quality of life and stoke a sense of purpose and meaning.

The space supports clinical services, therapeutic services, nutritional services, as well as socials and events for clients to promote social interaction for patients.

Vitality Care Centre - Laura Dodaro

Vitality Care is a day program for Alzheimer's patients and caregivers. Vitality Care assists those coping with memory loss to create and maintain a lifestyle surrounded by positive mental, physical and social health. The presented renderings show the design of two key areas – the dining room, and the activity room. These areas were selected as they demonstrate the gathering of a community that becomes stronger and healthier through activity and socialization.

Header image also by Laura Dodaro.


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