ARIDO PD Cycle Ending: What you need to know

  • Published on: Apr 26, 2021
ARIDO Professional Development Cycle Ending June 30, 2021

A reminder to all Registered, Educator, and Intern Members that the Professional Development Cycle is ending June 30, 2021. In order to support members with compliance, ARIDO has compiled the following information on the PD program.

Required Hours/Credits

Members are required to complete 12 credits in total, of which, at least 4 credits must be Health and Safety and up to 8 credits may be General Education to comply with regulations mandated by ARIDO. (If you joined ARIDO partway through the cycle, the requirements are pro-rated based on your membership effective date.)

Professional development program graphic

How to Report

IMPORTANT: You have the option to report your credits to the ARIDO Dashboard OR to the IDCEC system, reporting to BOTH is not required. Your options are:

  • ARIDO PD Dashboard - we recommend reporting your credits to the ARIDO PD Dashboard in the Membership Gateway. The PD Dashboard tracks what you have reported and indicates which credits are outstanding. It was created to provide a straightforward to report PD credits. Reporting is simple and should only take a few minutes. If you are audited at the end of the cycle, ARIDO has access to view your reported credits and can help if required.


IDCEC system – to report to the IDCEC, you must be a member of IDC. ARIDO has not had access to the IDCEC reporting system to view/edit reported credits since 2018. ARIDO does not require you to be an IDC member, if you choose to report to the IDCEC and you are audited, you will be required to send ARIDO a copy of your transcripts AND a copy of all your certificates/attachments.

Types of PD

Please consult the ARIDO PD Guide for the acceptance criteria for each category. Keep in mind 1 hour = 1 credit and activities such as mentorship, research, writing, and volunteering are all eligible. Structured learning is just one type of activity that is possible to complete.

  • Structured Learning
  • Instruction/Teaching
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Presenting
  • Volunteering
  • Mentorship as a Mentor or Mentee

Need Additional Credits?

Professional, business, technological, management, and other personal development courses that directly relate to your genre of interior design practice are accepted regardless of accreditation or providers. Follow the acceptance criteria on page 2 of the PD guide. Do not follow the criteria from the course/seminar providers.

What no longer qualifies? Association membership, attending trade-shows, self-guided tours. ARIDO no longer requires IDCEC approved courses.

ARIDO has several resources for members to complete CEUs. Make sure to check they meet the acceptance criteria on page 2 of the ARIDO PD Guide.

Compliance Audit

In June, ARIDO will audit a random percentage of members at the end of the 2019-2021 PD cycle. We will notify selected members. We can review the credits and attachments of members who have reported their Professional Development to the ARIDO PD Dashboard.

If you have reported your credits to IDCEC, you will need to provide the transcript AND copies of certificates or proof. The certificates are required as proof of completion/attendance. Audited members who are not in compliance may be subjected to termination of their membership due to non-compliance.

If you have any questions about the PD program, please contact