ARIDO Diversity and Inclusion Committee Formed

  • Published on: Sep 28, 2020
The ARIDO Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been formed with the following mandate:
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will support ARIDO to further its continued commitment to foster and uphold diversity and inclusion in the interior design profession. ARIDO values each of its members, their qualifications, and their right to practice Interior Design in Ontario. This Committee will review all upcoming priorities and initiatives, as well as identify activities that do not currently exist, in order to determine where we can enhance and raise the association’s commitment to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all.
The Committee will focus on four distinct areas:
  • the profession of interior design currently practicing in Ontario
  • potential or emerging designers and increasing their inclusion into the profession
  • supporting ARIDO staff within their workplace and their interactions with others
  • public education around the value of interior design services and their accessibility to clients of all needs.
The Committee’s work has begun and they will provide updates to the membership as their work progresses, along with opportunities for the membership to provide feedback.
If you have a concern or suggestion to raise with the committee, or something you want them to address, please contact one of the committee Chairs.
Golnar Raissi, co-Chair |
Mahesh Babooram, co-Chair |
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is:
Top row: Golnar Raissi, co-Chair; Mahesh Babooram, co-Chair; Lucia De Biasio, Kathryn Lawrence, Amy Pothier. Bottom row: Maia Roffey, Luipa Tamanna, Sine-Tibeb Workneh, Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff; Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff.