Branded blue and Pac Man imagery take this supply chain start-up’s offices to the next level

Branded blue and Pac Man imagery take this supply chain start-up’s offices to the next level

For their redesign of this Toronto-founded supply chain start-up, the design team drew their core concept from visual themes in manufacturing.

Interior Designer: Joanne Chan, ARIDO

Design Team: Glenn Cheng, ARIDO

Design Firm: SDI Interior Design & Project Coordination

Photographer: Steve Tsai

Black stained concrete counters in the canteen and reception recall conveyor belts, while manufacturing plant aesthetics are referenced via concrete floors, open ceilings and architectural elements, some of which are treated in a signature Nulogy Blue. Linear movement is emphasized by sets of wood slats suspended on the ceiling, and angled blue glass partitions along the corridors.

The design team met the need for transparency and multiple meeting spaces by placing these sites along the outer corridors. Nulogy’s teams are highly creative and united, so the design team encouraged each group to brand their own spaces by designing decals as a team, to be stuck on the windows of each studio. Their identity as packaging people aka 'Pac Men’ inspired the design team to reference the iconic game, which becomes a playful motif repeated throughout the floors, complete with his white marbles.

A vast corner space serves as canteen and townhall area, bordered by bleacher-style seating. The space is well equipped with A/V solutions and custom designed acoustic ceiling panels that contrast with the Nulogy blue of the ceiling and ductwork.

While the central reception area is an efficient space with signage and guest seating in one, glimpses of Nulogy’s culture can be seen from the reception, while a number of breakout spaces are available throughout the space, including lightbulb inspired nooks; perfect for the next bright idea.

Joanne Chan

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