• Published on: Aug 19, 2019

Today ARIDO was presented with a beautiful sculpture, 'Nesting' by Pixie Shaw in appreciation for the 2018 ARIDO ROI charitable renovation project and support that the organization, our chapters, and our generous design community have given to BridgeNorth.

In the words of our Executive Director Sharon Portelli, “This journey with the design community and BridgeNorth has been humbling. To learn about and accept that human trafficking and sexual exploitation happens here and around the world has been hard. But more importantly, this initiative brought our community together so we can make an impact and give a voice to victims in Canada.”

BridgeNorth exists, because slavery still exists in Canada. It lights the way for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation to exit and transition to a new path. Thanks to the @aridontario ROI initiative, BridgeNorth has a new, improved space- a nest. We are humbled by this beautiful gift from BridgeNorth and will display it proudly in the ARIDO office as a reminder of the impact of design and the fight against human trafficking.

The plaque reads, "Delicately nestled within the perfect folds of a mother birds resting place, lay 3 newly birthed eggs, small and fragile, yet full of potential and hope. She protects them in this nest from the elements and prowling harm by covering them with her own body – under her wings there is nourishment, rest and safety. Artistically manifested in perfect white, ‘nesting’ reminds us of the fragility of life and the care needed to protect it and help it grow.

Every person victimized by sexual exploitation has within them the hope of a new beginning. But like these precious eggs, this hope is small, fragile and easily broken. BridgeNorth helps women and girls nurture their hope into reality, by providing them with a ‘nest’ to come home to and the nourishment they need to not only survive but thrive."